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Powerful on their own or together as part of a program, our workshops provide deep learning through hands-on engagement and application. Participants leave with the mindsets, skills and confidence to immediately apply their learnings to day-to-day organisational work and initiatives.


Embed innovative problem-solving within your organisation

Gain the fundamentals of human-centred design with hands-on exercises.

ExperienceInnovation™ | Aware helps people of all backgrounds learn how to solve problems and innovate through customer empathy, radical collaboration, and rapid experimentation. Developed with IDEO, a global design leader, this workshop teaches participants to see challenges from their customers’ perspectives, create customer-focused solutions, and validate ideas for success. This transformative experience can help you gain valuable skills to drive innovation and grow your business.


Build capability to manage and lead change

Hands-on experience with proven approaches to successful change

ExperienceChange™ simplifies and empowers change management through a hands-on approach. This expert-guided workshop draws on two decades of research and industry expertise to create an engaging and impactful experience. Suitable for all stakeholders in change initiatives, it fosters a standard change language, boosts capabilities, and instils confidence in essential techniques. ExperienceChange™ equips individuals with the tools to execute ideas effectively and embrace successful change.


Discover Your Leadership Potential with LEAD

Empowering People for Positive Change and Growth”

LEAD empowers teams to unleash their leadership potential by building awareness of strengths, developing resilience, and honing unique leadership style. It mobilises a diverse group of graduates, recognising talent and untapped potential in individuals who may not have seen themselves as ‘Leadership material.’ Ideal for Aspiring leaders from all backgrounds, fostering a community of high-potential individuals dedicated to making a positive difference in the world. Through remote action learning, participants explore emotional intelligence, well-being, and self-leadership while fostering accountability, independence, and collaboration.


Enhancing Effectiveness, Relationships, Satisfaction, and Well-being

Our development tools for groups and teams allow you to measure various aspects of their performance. These include team performance, synergy among members, group and member styles, and the overall quality of group processes. Using these tools, you can gain valuable insights into how your team functions and identify areas for improvement, ultimately leading to enhanced collaboration and better outcomes.


Elevate Thinking and Behaviour for Business Success.
The Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) assesses and understands personal orientations, thinking patterns, and behavioural styles that influence job effectiveness, interpersonal relationships, and overall satisfaction and well-being. Through diagnostic and feedback tools, individuals can identify their strengths and areas for improvement.

Experience Change

Hands-on experience with proven approaches to successful change


M3 Collective provides a simple, easy-to-use Framework for everyone else involved in managing change. Our expert-guided workshop helps participants execute their ideas while teaching participants the essentials of successful change. Backed by over 20 years of research, industry insights, and result, this workshop combines proven approaches with hands-on practice in an engaging, low risk and high-impact experience.

Participant Profile

For all stakeholder group involved in a change innitiative

Language available

English, French, Mandarin(in-person only), Spanish

Vistual Details

4-6 hours delivered in a single or multi-day format

Optional 90-minute project Accelerator at the end of the workshop to develop a road map of the next step for your real project(s).

Available for 10 to 50 participants

Highly immersive and guided by our proprietary technology simulation

Delivered by the experienced point-trained facilitator via a video conference platform.

A Virtual Experience Point production manager guides communication and connect remote teams and individual

In-Person Details

4-6 hours delivered in a single or multi-day format

Optional 90-minute project Accelerator at the end of the workshop to develop a road map of the next step for your real project(s).

Available for 10 to 200 participants

Highly immersive and delivered in-person by ExperiencePoint-trained facilitator

Guided by one of our proprietary technology simulation


  • Equip People with a common language for change
  • Build capability and confidence with essential change approaches.
  • Produce new insights into success barriers and accelerators of existing  change projects
  • Uncover and address unproductive leadership and manager habits

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Experience Innovations

Learn the essentials of human-centred design

M3 Collective | Aware gives participants a broad overview of the fundamental skills necessary to apply the powerful practice of human-centred.

Design to product, service, process, or business model innovation in their day-to-day work. Driven by a proprietary mobile simulation focused on the mindsets and
habits of design thinkers, this workshop is optimal for training individuals or teams, and project kickoffs, conferences and events with time constraints.

M3 Collectives is a family of experiential design thinking workshops built in collaboration with IDEO, a global design company. The workshops inspire
and equip teams with the tools and mindsets they need to innovate and solve ‘problems creatively.