Maximising Conference Value with ExperienceInnovation and ChangeManagement


The Significance of Strategic Off-Sites

In today’s fast-paced business environment, staying ahead of the competition requires constant innovation and adaptability. To achieve this, organisations invest significant resources in conferences and off-site meetings. However, too often, these events fall short of delivering meaningful value. In this blog post, we’ll explore how organisations can get exceptional value for their conference expenditure by incorporating Experience Innovation and Change Management methodologies into their off-site meetings.

The Challenges of Traditional Off-Sites

Traditional off-sites often fail to live up to their potential. Many executives find that these events leave no lasting impact on the business. Why? Because off-sites deal with complex, ambiguous, and speculative topics that require a different approach. Simply put, they demand innovation and change.

Experience Innovation with ExperienceInnovation™ | Aware

One solution to reinvigorate strategic off-sites is to incorporate Experience Innovation methodologies. ExperienceInnovation™ | Aware is an immersive workshop designed in collaboration with IDEO. It introduces the fundamentals of human-centred design (HCD) and equips participants with tools to foster innovation. Here’s how it can enhance your off-site:

Customer-Centric Problem Solving:

ExperienceInnovation™ emphasises putting customers at the centre of problem-solving. This customer-centric approach can help you identify strategic opportunities that align with evolving customer needs.

Mindset and Techniques:

Participants gain awareness of the mindset, habits, tools, and techniques of an innovator. This empowers them to think creatively and explore new possibilities during off-site discussions.

Hands-on Application:

The workshop provides hands-on experience, allowing participants to apply HCD tools directly to your organisation’s strategic challenges. This practical approach enhances problem-solving capabilities.

Change Management with ExperienceChange™


Another crucial aspect of achieving conference value is mastering change management. ExperienceChange™ Virtual is an expert-guided workshop designed to prepare individuals and teams for effective change leadership. Here’s how it can benefit your organisation:

Leading Through Disruption:

In today’s business landscape, change is constant. ExperienceChange™ equips participants with the skills, behaviours, and tools needed to lead people through change, especially during times of disruption.

Realistic Change Projects:

Participants engage in a realistic change project, allowing them to apply change management concepts in a practical context. This ensures that what they learn can be immediately translated into action within your organisation.

Expert Guidance:

The workshop is facilitated by ExperiencePoint-trained experts who guide participants in both the “what” and “how” of change management. Their guidance ensures successful change adoption.

Strategic off-sites are invaluable opportunities for organisations to explore long-term strategies, foster innovation, and drive change. By incorporating Experience Innovation and Change Management methodologies into your off-site meetings, you can ensure that these events leave a lasting impact on your organisation.

ExperienceInnovation™ | Aware and ExperienceChange™ Virtual provide the tools and expertise needed to make the most of your conference expenditure, ultimately strengthening your organisation’s position in the industry and enhancing corporate performance. Don’t let your next off-site leave any fingerprints on your business; make it a transformative experience with these innovative approaches.

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