Empowering Community Organisations through HeLLOTas! Project


Enhancing Organisational Health Literacy with Design Thinking and Innovation

The HeLLOTas! project was an initiative aimed at improving the organisational health literacy of community organisations. TasCOSS, with support from Primary Health Tasmania, hosted a one-off workshop to bring together organisations working towards becoming health literate. Managers and Team Leaders from community organisations interested in enhancing their service user experiences actively attended the centrally held workshop.

During the workshop, participants were introduced to the ExperienceInnovation™ | Aware toolkit, which provided essential design thinking techniques, mindsets, and behaviours in a hands-on format. The session aimed to introduce Design Thinking into the culture of the organisations present through a shared experience. The workshop actively raised participants’ awareness of the tools and techniques used by the world’s leading designers and strongly advocated placing clients/humans at the center of all problem-solving endeavors. They also gained an understanding of how they could enhance and model innovative behaviour.

After the Design Thinking session, participants worked on practical action plans to bring concepts to life and implement them within their organisations. The event was a great success, and the participants left with a better understanding of how to improve their service user experience using Design Thinking. The HeLLOTas! project continues to support community organisations in Tasmania through its online toolkit available on hellotas.org.au.

The HeLLOTas! primary Health Tasmania provided support for the project under the Australian Government’s Primary Health Networks Program.

Elevate Your Conference Experience with Engaging Activities


Unlock the Power of Edutainment with ExperienceInnovation and ExperienceChange Simulations

Are you searching for ways to transform your upcoming conference or event? Managing conferences can be a daunting task, filled with complexities. However, incorporating captivating activities into your agenda can alleviate some of the challenges and significantly enhance your event.

There are captivating methods to foster dynamic and educational content that will leave a lasting impression on your attendees. The best part? You don’t necessarily need cutting-edge technology. What’s more important is that these engaging activities ensure that the knowledge gained during the event sticks, providing a lasting return on investment.

By infusing entertainment and education into your conferences, you not only maximise the value of your investment but also embed the learning process. Participants not only retain the information but also become enthusiastic about applying it in their daily routines, ensuring they break free from their old habits.

You can merge training and enjoyment – we like to call it “Edutainment”!

Here, we present some of our favourite conference activities that we incorporate into our workshops. We’ve provided insights into how each dynamic activity works and highlighted the benefits for your team’s learning. All of these activities can be tailored to address your team’s specific challenges or align with your company’s philosophy. Ultimately, they combine rich knowledge with engaging activities and always guarantee a dose of laughter!

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