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ExperienceInnovation Aware and ExperienceChange

As a CEO, deciding to invest time and money in a conference or workshop for your teams is a significant decision, especially when considering change management. It’s essential to offer more than just fleeting inspiration and empty rhetoric. Please be sure to look for actionable strategies and systems that will genuinely enhance your business and impact the bottom line. In this blog post, we’ll explore two critical themes—Experience Innovation and ExperienceChange™—that can help maximise the value of conference attendance and provide me with the tools I need to drive my business forward.

Experience Innovation: Elevating Your Off-Site

The Problem with Traditional Conferences Many of us have endured numerous business conferences that left us feeling uninspired, frustrated, and convinced that our valuable time could have been better spent elsewhere. The question arises: why do we continue to attend events that fail to deliver tangible business improvements? Isn’t it more efficient to watch TED Talks if all we’re after are non-actionable epiphanies and interesting stories?

The Solution: ExperienceInnovation™ | Aware

One compelling solution to reinvigorate the traditional conference experience is the incorporation of Experience Innovation methodologies. ExperienceInnovation™ | Aware is an immersive workshop developed in collaboration with IDEO, a renowned design and innovation consultancy. This workshop introduces the fundamental principles of human-centred design (HCD) and equips participants with practical tools to foster innovation.

Key Benefits:

Customer-Centric Problem Solving: ExperienceInnovation™ places customers at the heart of problem-solving. This approach enables you to identify strategic opportunities aligned with evolving customer needs.

Mindset and Techniques:

Participants gain insight into the mindset, habits, tools, and techniques of innovators. This empowers them to think creatively and explore new possibilities during off-site discussions.

Hands-on Application:

The workshop offers hands-on experience, allowing participants to apply HCD tools directly to your organisation’s strategic challenges. This practical approach enhances problem-solving capabilities and ensures immediate applicability.

ExperienceChange™: Mastering Change Management


Embracing the Imperative of Change

In an ever-evolving business landscape, change is the only constant. Effective change management is essential for organisations to thrive amidst disruption. Attending a conference without the ability to navigate change can render the insights gained there futile.

The Solution: ExperienceChange™

ExperienceChange™ Virtual is an expert-guided workshop designed to prepare individuals and teams for effective change leadership. This program equips participants with the skills, behaviours, and tools needed to lead people through change, especially during times of disruption.

Key Benefits:

Leading Through Disruption: ExperienceChange™ equips participants to be adept leaders in times of upheaval. It imparts the skills necessary to guide teams through change with confidence and composure.

Realistic Change Projects:

Participants engage in realistic change projects during the workshop, allowing them to apply change management concepts in a practical context. This ensures that what they learn can be immediately translated into action within your organisation.


In conclusion, your choice of business conferences and workshops should revolve around their potential to provide actionable strategies and solutions that will genuinely enhance your organisation. Experience Innovation through ExperienceInnovation™ | Aware and effective Change Management via ExperienceChange™ are two powerful approaches that can transform your conference experience from mere inspiration to concrete action. When you invest your time and resources in events that prioritise these themes, you ensure that your participation is not in vain but instead contributes significantly to your organisation’s growth and success.

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