Our Partners

Our Partners

It doesn’t matter how smart or savvy we are, we don’t succeed without the right people on our teams. To survive and ultimately thrive we must effectively create ‘partnerships’ with many around us. These connections allow us to bring in individuals and groups, exposing you and your team to ideas and perspectives you wouldn’t have encountered otherwise.

OPSI Systems Australia

OPSI Systems provides leading edge optimisation solutions for territory-based field force planning.

Using powerful algorithms that allow them to rapidly model multiple strategies and constraints — from ‘what if’ scenarios for reorganisation or right sizing to managing geographic growth or customer acquisition .

The ‘2005 McKinsey Customer and Channel Management Survey’ found that when sales territory management was used strategically against the highest value accounts, sales teams generated three times more market share while experiencing selling and marketing costs 20% lower than those who only reorganised.

Their solution changes the game in your favour by enabling dynamic territory re-optimisation at either an individual sales team or even a single sales representative level.